What Exactly is Staging? …

Decorated Bookshelf for Real Estate Market
Staging is the art of beautifying a home through decorating and styling in preparation for selling.
This could mean…
  • rearranging existing furniture &  accessories
  • decluttering and organizing
  • decorating with new accessories
  • potentially renting furniture
  • updating paint or flooring
  • cleaning, etc.

The goal…

Have confidence in your home by bringing out its best features in order to sell fast and at a price you love.

DON’T drop your listing price, INSTEAD invest in staging and see the return in your wallet!

…And Why Does Staging Work?

  • It creates the environment for a special emotional connection between buyers and homes. When buyers love a home, they’ll go that extra mile to make sure they get it!
  • Compared to Real Estate Agents, Home Stagers have dedicated time and specific expertise to go through every room of a home in detail to get it prepared for pictures and showings.
  • Home Owners & Real Estate Agents can avoid uncomfortable topics like much needed repairs/updates or even odors by providing design advice and honest suggestions without harming the agent/owner relationship.
Stack of money and Tiny Home

A staged home is NOT the same…

as a decorated home for everyday life.

A cluttered room is like having spinach in your teeth and expecting everyone to not focus on it.

The hard truth is that most people can’t see beyond ugly or cluttered spaces to see it’s true size and potential.  As humans, we are naturally drawn to beautiful things, and beautiful things give us a certain sense of joy. And such a feeling of joy within a buyer could spark a BIG offer on your home!

A cluttered room is like having spinach in your teeth and expecting everyone not to focus on it

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